Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Newborn Photography Prop Malaysia

Are you a newborn or baby photographer? Looking for knitted or crocheted photography prop for your next photo shoot? Now you dont need to buy for overseas and waiting for so long for your items to arrive you can check out our photography prop album. They are ready stock and surely they are soo cute..:) below is just some of the example:

Newborn Beanie, hat, bonnet, headband, wrap are available.

and we are very proud to say that even international photographer using our crocheted hat for their photo shoot. Above is the photo from Sunshine Lane Photography LLC from the US using our crocheted monster hat. Such a lovely photo right?

So head out to our facebook page to order one for you. Click here. 100% handmade locally.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Baby Bow Shoes

Hi again! and here another Crocheted Shoes. YES, i LOVE making a shoes, especially girls shoes..its always looks sooo cute and very easy to make. So this is what i made last week, a Baby Bow Shoes.

To be honest, this week is a very tiring week at the office, but i still manage to make this cutie shoes, because its so easy to make.

Seems like i still in Valentine's mood now..:)

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See Ya!

Pattern here

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bella Crocheted Baby Booties

Its been a while right..Glad to see you all again here enjoying my blog. My latest project is a baby shoes. I am going to give this cutie to my colleague. I hope she like it. 

I called it Bella Baby Booties, because the baby name is Bella. Such a sweet name right?

Let me know how do you think about this cutie..:)

I always think to sell my handmade crochet item, but i never have enough confidence to do it.

Maybe next time, i should try?!

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See you again next time :)


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Yarn Party - New Yarns in store - Crochet & Knit Yarn Malaysia - Cotton, Polyester

For all Lolachoco friends, here we have a lot of new yarns for you to play with..:P Ready for the yarn party? 

Click the image to make the image larger..:)

Full collection here

Full collection here. Yes there are 46 colors available for this yarn..:)

Full collection here

Full Collection here

Full Collection here

full collection here

full collection here

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Have fun!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Shelly Crochet Beanie

This is one of the project that i did last month, no time to upload this until now..:) Hope u like it..

Monday, 21 May 2012

First Trial With Felt flower

Hi everyone, a lot of good things happens to me this months and make me so busy. I have not much time to do crochet so this weekend i do a simple crafty things. It's a felt flower. This is my first time playing with felt so i choose a simple one.

Yes, its blue again >_<...i cannot resist blue color (if you read my previous blog entry you will know that i am trying to avoid blue color for my project). So I am really satisfied with my first trial with felt..hehe..oh ya you can follow this tutorial to make this flower. Thank you Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow for this useful and easy tutorial.

So I want to use this flower to give a little bit decoration for my "I Love Bali" bag (Yes, i do love Bali(^_^) )
I bought this bag last month during my great holiday there and I am sure a lot of people also have the same bag like mine, so i decided to make it a bit unique. So this is the bag before i add the flower..:)

Tadaaa, and this is after i add the flower..hmm i know the color is a bit odd but i still love least i have a unique bag now..:) let me know what you think ya.:) and see u on the next post..

xx Lolachoco xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Winona Crochet Bag

So this is the one who make me busy last week :) It is a bag, a blue little bag and her name is Winona. This bag is modification from Granny Stripe Boutique bag from Tangled Happy as I am using Fine yarn (you can find the yarn here on my shop, I am using Baby Boy color) not a Bulky weight yarn like the one they used on the pattern. Not sure why the pic looks like distorted, click on the picture to see the larger version if you do have time :)

I love making this bag, and as usual i love making the flower..:)

and this is my Work In Progress project for this week and my journey to finish this project is still long way to go...haha...I hope i have enough passion to finish it, before i get bored and start another new project..
I know i need to change my yarn color, i always use blue color in every project..(>_<). I love blue but i think its time for me to change color. Do you have favorite color like mine? or only me who always using the same color of yarn in every project because its my favorite color?Tell me your favorite color and see you on the next post :)

New update, this project is featured on I Love Fridays party by Petals to Picots,
Thank you so much Kara..:) this is my first time my project is featured.

xx Lolachoco xx