Monday, 21 May 2012

First Trial With Felt flower

Hi everyone, a lot of good things happens to me this months and make me so busy. I have not much time to do crochet so this weekend i do a simple crafty things. It's a felt flower. This is my first time playing with felt so i choose a simple one.

Yes, its blue again >_<...i cannot resist blue color (if you read my previous blog entry you will know that i am trying to avoid blue color for my project). So I am really satisfied with my first trial with felt..hehe..oh ya you can follow this tutorial to make this flower. Thank you Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow for this useful and easy tutorial.

So I want to use this flower to give a little bit decoration for my "I Love Bali" bag (Yes, i do love Bali(^_^) )
I bought this bag last month during my great holiday there and I am sure a lot of people also have the same bag like mine, so i decided to make it a bit unique. So this is the bag before i add the flower..:)

Tadaaa, and this is after i add the flower..hmm i know the color is a bit odd but i still love least i have a unique bag now..:) let me know what you think ya.:) and see u on the next post..

xx Lolachoco xx


The Crafted Sparrow said...

Thanks again for sharing, they turned out great!

Wendy said...

such a pretty flower! I love blue too.

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